An Interview with Supervisor Adam Hill

July 2015

In July, Supervisor Adam Hill graciously agreed to meet with five representatives from the Avila Beach Concerned Citizens group.  Here are some highlights from our conversation:

In light of recent developments proposals, how is the issue of fire access being addressed?

AH: Fire Chief Donnelly would not accept Lupine Canyon Road in its current state as a fire egress. Chief Donnelly has additional concerns because of the number of homes and residents living in the area. The burden of funding and constructing a suitable two lane, all-season road would be on the shoulders of developers.An egress from Avila Bay Drive through the Pirates Cove area is impossible as there are issues with unstable soil.The County estimated it would take $10 million to make this a viable option.The County does not have this type of funding.In addition, Shell Beach landowners would not tolerate a road through their property. A fire egress via Diablo Canyon would be a major security risk and is therefore; not an option.

It is the hope and expectation that a County plan update would replace the current use of traffic data from the second Tuesday in May to approve developments.

AH: Suggested an “engineer to engineer” meeting with the County Traffic Engineer and a “concerned citizen” engineer to discuss the possibility of a traffic count date that is fair and consistent with standard engineering practices of the “Institute of Traffic Engineers” (ITE).

What is the current status of the advisory “conservation group” for Wild Cherry Canyon appointed by you as mentioned at the Avila Beach Concerned Citizens Town Hall Meeting in April?

 AH: The members of the “working group” are to remain confidential but are “trustworthy,” responsible business leaders and experienced attorneys with generational ties to the community who lean towards “conservation”.

What is the status of an update to the 1981 Avila Land Use Plan?

 AH: Hill has requested an update to the Avila Plan be placed on the October Board of Supervisors priority list. No date in October has been set. He recommended the Avila Beach Concerned Citizens show their support for the update by attending this October Board of Supervisors meeting.

Why are there so many development proposals at this time?

AH: “Communities up and down the state are being hammered with proposals due to the improving economy.” But “time is on our side.” “Things change politically but the geographical and environmental challenges of Avila Beach will never go away.”

What can the Avila Concerned Citizens do to further our “cause”?

AH: We are “doing all the right things” by staying engaged and paying attention to the issues. Hill encouraged continued attendance at the Board of Supervisors meetings with the key message to encourage the 1981 Avila Land Use Plan be placed on the Board of Supervisors priority list for next year. A large turnout for this October meeting is extremely important.

 Contact Information

Supervisor Adam Hill:

Hannah Miller:

Office Phone: 805-781-4336

The five members who attended the meeting would like to express their sincere appreciation for the time and attention provided us during our interview with Supervisor Hill and his assistant Hannah Miller. All five participants felt the Supervisor was candid and forthcoming with his responses to our questions.